Scholarships are now closed. Please check back for updates. 
Please apply regardless of your answers to the application questions. Special circumstances will be taken into consideration. Please explain at the end of the application what your circumstance is.


2020-2021 The amount of scholarships will be determined at a later date due to Covid19 outbreak. If the Kansas City Royals don't play, our funds will be limitied. 


We have income guidelines, but we will take special circumstances into consideration. Please apply if you have a special circumstance.


For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $9,480 for each additional person.


Household        *FPL          PLAY

size                                 MAX INCOME

2                     $17,240     $22,240     

3                     $21,720     $26,720

4                     $26,200     $31,200

5                     $30,680     $35,680

6                     $35,160     $40,160

7                     $39,640     $44,640

8                     $44,120     $49,120

* FPL=Federal Poverty Level, its based off U.S. Department of Health & Human Services 2020 Federal poverty guidlines.